30-Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning" - Volume 2

Whether you are an athlete, a retired athlete still in training, or just want to train like one…30-Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning” Vol 2 is your quick and complete full body challenge.
Workout One is a thorough program utilizing functional strength training in an easy to follow format. Your entire body will be pushed to the next level with a single pair of dumbbells. You won’t use heavy weights, you won’t be jumping endlessly, and there isn’t an overabundance of repetitions. Keeping it simple and effective, “AC2” includes 3 rounds of 12 exercises that challenge you for real results.
Workout Two is a floor-based workout that strengthens your core and increases flexibility. The unique fusion of these two styles is the key to the success it delivers. Most core/abdominal workouts exhaust your hip flexors and abs prematurely and most stretch routines are too boring to complete. Workout Two delivers a strong core and increased flexibility more effectively than all the others… and in less time!