30 Minutes to Fitness "Your Healthy Back"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Your Healthy Back” is not a typical workout session. This is a unique self-care DVD that will help you achieve and maintain a healthy and strong back. While its known that your back is crucial to everyday life, many people suffer with mild to extreme back discomfort.  With continued use of 30-Minutes to Fitness “Your Healthy Back” you’ll feel noticeably better as your strength and flexibility increases.
This isn’t a lot of hard work that will bring you great rewards in the future…this is a little bit of focused work that will bring you small rewards daily.
Over the past eight months, I have been working with licensed Physical Therapists to design an in-home therapy session that will keep you coming back to it so you get results. In this DVD I will lead you through our top ten exercises in a slow and meticulous format.  No equipment, no craziness, no frills…just straight forward physical therapy exercises presented in a safe, result-driven manner.
So, whether you have a back issue or not..this DVD will help keep you active and comfortable for years to come.