30 Minutes to Fitness "Weights"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Weights” features Back/Legs/Chest and Biceps/Triceps/Shoulders. Only the industry’s best, well-known moves are used in a format that gets the job done in half the time. The proven effectiveness of these moves is further enhanced with the use of active rests that offer their own added benefits.
You can design your own workouts by choosing from three different active rests. Whether it’s standing core, abdominals or low cardio moves, each option changes the feel and intensity of the workouts. 2 Weight Workouts on 1 DVD!
“30 Minutes to Fitness” is designed for all levels of fitness. The amount of weight determines the level.
Workout #1
Beginner: 7lb dumbbells
Intermediate: 10lb dumbbells
Advanced: 12lb dumbbells
Strong Advanced: 15lb dumbbells
Workout #2
Beginner: 5lb dumbbells
Intermediate: 7lb dumbbells
Advanced: 10lb dumbbells & 1 15lb dumbbell
Strong Advanced: 12lb dumbbells and 1 20lb dumbbell
Get long, lean muscles and boost your metabolism in only 30 minutes!