30 Minutes to Fitness "Plateau Buster"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Plateau Buster” brings you two Plateau-Busting workouts on one DVD.
Committing yourself to a fitness regimen will usually bring you results in the first 4-8 weeks. Soon after, your body will adapt to the workload and halt your progress. This DVD is designed to help you break through those stubborn plateaus.
These workouts will not only have you burning mega calories during the workouts, but will also speed up your metabolic rate so you’ll continue burning calories long after the workout has ended. Kelly will take you through traditional weight work with dumbbells, compound moves, cardio, and body-weight exercises in an upbeat challenging, and easy-to-follow format. She will keep you focused throughout the workouts to keep you on track toward reaching your fitness goals in less time.
As you get stronger, fitter and less challenged over time, merely increase your weight load and experience the challenge once again. You can’t grow out of this workout…you can only grow out of your current fitness level.
Simply put, “Plateau-Buster” will boost your metabolic rate so you’ll shed pounds faster!