30 Minutes to Fitness "Meltdown"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Meltdown” has two, 30 minute workouts that will challenge your overall fitness level and burn mega calories for a full body Meltdown!
Workout One includes a series of challenging mulit joint exercises with moderate to heavy dumbbells followed by barbell lifts (Dumbbells can be used in place of a barbell). Kelly goes one-on-one with you in this workout to keep you focused and pushing through the rough spots. In this workout your trainer is now your workout partner….the struggle is real and you’ll do it together!
Workout Two is Tabata Boxing on a heavy bag. Kelly and her crew will take you through short rounds of basic punching combinations that are interesting and effective. The time flies by as you Melt Down your middle and sculpt a leaner, fitter upper body. You DO NOT need a heavy bag, instead you can shadow box right along with one of the exercisers who does the entire workout without one. The challenge is still there and the results will still come.