30 Minutes to Fitness "Home Gym Intervals"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Home Gym Intervals” has two, 30-minute workouts that minimize the amount of equipment you need to set up and the length of time you need to spend doing it. HGI maximizes the calorie-burning effect of these two highly effective cardio/sculpting workouts with only your cardio machine and some dumbbells.
No more long, boring, joint-stressing cardio workouts that bring little results. No more dragging out endless props that take up precious time and space. Kelly’s unique design of HGI will have you constantly moving from your Cardio to your dumbbells to keep you engaged and on your way to achieving a lean, fit physique in your own home.
Along with the two, 30 minute workouts, HGI also includes a 10 minute Waistline Bonus and various premixes to keep your workouts fresh and effective.
It’s time to take your drying clothes off of your cardio machine and jump on for a great workout!