30-Minutes to Fitness Cardio Fit

30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Fit” has two upbeat and energetic cardio workouts that are designed to burn maximum calories and speed up your metabolic rate.  The format presented in these workouts is enjoyable, effective and time efficient!

Workout One is an easy-to-follow “Kickboxing” workout with periodic intervals of challenging lower body exercises using heavy dumbbells. This no-frills drills session is sure to leave you feeling ALIVE and EMPOWERED!
Equipment used: 12lb Dumbbells
Optional Equipment: EggWeights (or 1-2lb dbs)
Workout Two is an uplifting “Hi/Low” workout that takes it up a notch with intervals of challenging compound moves with moderate dumbbells. 
The workout will fly by, but the effects are long-lasting.
Equipment used: 12 and 8lb dumbbells
Bonus #1:  “CardioFit” inlcudes Kelly’s signature premixes for added workout options.
Bonus Alert #2: “CardioFit” also includes one of Kelly’s RAW home workouts from her Coffeyfit streaming APP on Vimeo.