30 Minutes to Fitness "Build & Burn"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Build & Burn” is a 4-6 week program that is designed to increase your strength and muscle definition, while slashing calories and improving your lifestyle.
This box set has 5 time-efficient and effective workouts that are formatted in an easy to follow rotation.  Each numbered DVD is packed with the industry’s best moves that are delivered in Kelly’s upbeat and unique approach to keep you engaged and seeing results.
The DVDs are: 1) Trim & Tone Intervals, 2) Upper Body Supersets, 3) KettleBell & Kickbox Fusion, 4) Lower Body Tabata, and  5) Cardio Core .
To optimize results, “Build & Burn” also includes a realistic, every day meal plan.  This is NOT a diet, it is a food guide to help you make better choices. 
“Build & Burn” has taken all the guess work out of how to reach your health and fitness goals. Simply follow the order of the numbered DVDs and select your meals from the food guide.  If you stay true to the program, your goal of becoming stronger, slimmer and fitter is possible!
Cardio Core:  This workout is made of cardio moves that specifically elicit core function. This compilation of exercises is designed to tone up your legs, help you slim down, and attain a stronger leaner core all at the same time.  These easy-to-follow moves are performed in 30 sec intervals to keep you focused and working hard.
Upper Body Super Sets:  This upper body weight workout is made up of super sets (2 exercises for the same muscle group performed back to back).  You will perform 3 sets of 8 reps per exercise before moving on to the next muscle group.  Just when you expect another traditional move, a new approach to a well-know exercise offers a welcome change.
Kettlebell & Kickbox Fusion: KB & KB is an interval workout utilizing Kettlebell moves and Kickboxing combinations that are executed in 30 second segments.  This challenging session is a great calorie-burner that defines your upper body (including your core/waistline) and improves your cardiovascular endurance for an overall leaner and fitter physique.  (A dumbbell can be used in place of a kettlebell)
Lower Body Tabata:  The perfect way to work your legs and glutes without fatigue, lactic acid buildup or boredom is to perform the exercises in this unique tabata format. This is sure to be one of your favorite no-dread leg & glute workouts!
Trim And Tone Interval:  This is a wonderfully deceiving cardio/weight workout.  The cardio is upbeat, yet lower impact, and the light-weight exercises are effective and challenging.
You’ll feel amazing at the completion of this little gem! 
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