30 Minutes to Fitness "Body Training"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Body Training” is your go-anywhere, do-anytime, no-impact workout. There is No Equipment Needed…just you! You will be amazed at how lifting your own body weight can bring you results you didn’t think possible. This is everyday functional fitness for everyone. Whether you are away from home and don’t have access to gym equipment or your day is too busy for the usual time expenditure and setup, ‘Body Training’ gets the job done in less time with less fuss!
Workout One keeps you on your feet and dedicates 30 minutes to strengthening and toning your legs, glutes and hips. This workout is great by itself or added to your favorite cardio workout.
Workout Two brings you to the floor for a strong and invigorating full-body firmer that delivers results fast. Do this quick workout anytime and watch your body change.
Four premixes are included on this DVD to give you six “Body Training” workouts on one DVD.