30 Minutes to Fitness "Athletic Conditioning - Volume 1"

I’ve been fortunate enough to play sports my entire life, so it’s a pleasure for me to offer this conditioning program to athletes who want to stay fit and get faster during their off season.
Every athlete should show up to their first day of practice ready to go. Coaches shouldn’t have to spend their first few weeks getting their athletes in shape.. that’s your job and that’s where this DVD comes in!
30 Minutes to Fitness “Athletic Conditioning – Volume 1” offers 2 different 30 minute workouts. Both are geared toward getting your stronger and faster.
Workout one is a cardio workout that’s tough but very doable. Once you press play, don’t give up. Pay attention to my form tips and try to keep your energy at the same level as the other athletes on the workout. This workout is only 30 minutes so do your best.. Not More, Not Less!
Workout two is a 30 minute athletic stretch session that is crucial to your speed and to ward off sports related injuries. Every athlete needs a good stretch routine.. every athlete! Many athletes don’t stretch enough.. and that’s a big mistake!
So whether you are a 13 year old athlete embarking on a higher level of play or a college student on a scholarship, 30 Minutes to Fitness ‘Athletic Conditioning’ is the key to your off-season training.