30 Minutes to Fitness "Abs & Core"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Abs & Core” has two 30 minute workouts that are packed with effective abdominal and core moves from start to finish! Whether you do the complete 30 minute workouts or simply choose to do a 10 minute segment, you will strengthen your abs, trim your waistline and truly improve your overall core function. The exercises included are standing waistline moves, plank work training and various effective sit up variations all targeting the core area. 30 MTF Abs & Core attacks your midsection from all angles to get you real results faster!
It’s time to stop doing sit ups that are ineffective and harmful to your back and start using 30 MTF Abs & Core.
This DVD is a compilation of the abs/waistline/core work from Kelly’s previous releases. Now instead of finding which DVD to go to for your preferred ab workout, just press play on this compilation DVD and chose your favorite.
It’s never too late to have the body you want – and that includes great abs!