30 Minutes to Fitness "Your Best Body"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Your Best Body” has two great workouts and added premixes to give you ALL the workouts you need to achieve “Your Best Body”!
Workouts One and Two are geared toward muscle endurance, body contouring, and overall health and fitness. Kelly takes you through her unique gym-style supersets of upper and lower body exercises for quicker results.
“Your Best Body” is designed to use heavier weights with Kelly for strength training or with lighter weights, at your own pace, for more of a cardio-sculpting workout. Either way, the results you seek are within your reach!
30 Minutes to Fitness “YBB” makes great use of every minute, including your rests. The two main workouts utilize core moves in place of rests to keep your heart rate up between sets and to create a trimmer, stronger midsection.
If you are more of a cardio fan, Kelly has designed premix workouts just for you. Simply choose a cardio rest premix and have fun while you sculpt lean muscle mass and burn maximum calories.
“Your Best Body” also includes yoga. No matter which workout you choose, finish it off with Kelly’s 10 minute Yoga Flow segment to stretch out, de-stress and re-energize!
It’s the numerous workout options on this DVD that makes it great on its own or in any workout rotation. Whether you pick straight-up lifting, intervals of weights and cardio or total core-blasting, “Your Best Body” has the perfect workout for you!
Equipment used: Dumbbells