30 Minutes to Fitness "Trim Down"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Trim Down” is a combination of dumbbell exercises and upbeat boxing drills that burn calories fast, in TWO 30 Minute Workouts!
The easy-to-follow dumbbell exercises, with compound moves, are designed to thoroughly sculpt the entire body and improve your overall fitness level. There is an extra emphasis on the lower body for most of the moves, elevating the heart rate to the fat burning zone, creating a leaner physique.
The boxing drills are used to elevate the heart rate and strengthen the entire upper body at the same time. The easy to follow punching combos increase the calorie-burning effect by the fast pace jabs, hooks, crosses and upper cuts, resulting in a leaner and stronger upper body. The definition in your arms, shoulders and waistline will improve each time you workout.
30 Minutes to Fitness “Trim Down’ is your non-stop cardio/sculpting workout that is quick, effective and fun!