30 Minutes to Fitness "Train Like a Contender"

30 Minutes to Fitness “TLC” includes two fat-burning workouts that are geared toward improving your cardiovascular output, your muscle endurance and your overall fitness level.
Workout One is an effective, athletic-based conditioning workout that gets the job done without any equipment. Each easy-to-follow move is performed at a challenging pace that will leave you feeling drained, empowered and totally satisfied. This no-frills workout is fantastically motivating and worth every minute.
Workout Two is an upbeat Boxing workout that “everyone” can learn and benefit from. Each boxing combination is taught without intruding on the growing intensity and overall effectiveness of the workout. From start to finish, from teaching to drilling, Kelly never lets up and helps you get the arms and abs of a boxer.
30-Minutes to Fitness “TLC” also offers unique premix options that will keep this DVD in your player day after day. Entitled “TLC” , these challenging workouts are designed to get you fit without over-stressing your body…”Train Like a Contender” gives you the “Tender Loving Care”
your body needs to get fit and stay fit for years to come!
Equipment used: 1lb weighted gloves