30 Minutes to Fitness "Stepboxing"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Stepboxing” has two, 30-minute stepboxing workouts and more.
Kelly brings you her unique “Stepboxing” in an upbeat, effective and time efficient format. There are no dancey steps, no complicated choreography and no frilly filler moves. These “Stepboxing” workouts are easy to follow, truly fun, and down-right empowering!
The proven benefits of “Stepboxing” far exceeds those of traditional step or aerobic workouts. Boxing sculpts all the muscles of the upper body, stepping firms up the lower body, and the two combined burn maximum calories.
The extra workout options include weighted interval premixes, boxing extended combos, straight up drills, and more! This means more workouts, more options, more variety and more results from 30-Minutes to Fitness “Stepboxing”.
Equipment used: Step Equipment needed: None *Dbs required for weighted Interval premixes.