30-Minutes to Fitness "Stepboxing 2"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Stepboxing 2” has two 30-minute workouts, a bonus dumbbell segment and added premixes to give you numerous workouts on one DVD.
Both Stepboxing workouts offer a perfectly paced, move-by-move instruction that keeps you working hard and engaged throughout.  These workouts are fantastically fun, consistently upbeat and uniquely effective!
“Stepboxing 2” has a bonus strength segment that will challenge you from head to toe with the use of only one moderate DB.  This bonus is used in a few premixes but can also be used as a quick stand-alone session, or an add-on to another workout. 
The premixes on this DVD include a double session of Stepboxing, intervals of Stepping and DB exercises, cardio drills & DB exercises and more.
Equipment used: a step
(A Modifier will perform the workouts on the floor if you choose not to use one).