30-Minutes to Fitness "Split Sessions"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Split Sessions” has a complete upper body workout, a challenging lower body workout and 8 additional premixes to give you 10 workout options on one DVD.
Workout One focuses on strengthening and sculpting a beautiful upper body. This gym-style session flows continuously from one muscle group to the next with challenging and effective moves. As is typical with Kelly’s workouts, every minute is used productively to make each of the 30 minutes worth many more.
Workout Two is designed to strengthen and re-shape your lower body. You’ll trim down your legs, firm up your glutes and burn maximum calories long after the workout has ended. Each exercise has its own unique twist to make the “usual” move more challenging, more effective and more enjoyable.
These two workouts will speed up your metabolism , increase endurance and improve your overall symmetry to create a slimmer, fitter you. Do them on separate days for a quick and effective workout or combine them for a 60-minute total body workout!
*Along with numerous premix options, this DVD has a bonus lower body workout on the floor. Using an optional band, you will blast away at your hips, legs and glutes in a quick and efficient manner!
Equipment used: Step, band, and dumbbells Equipment needed: Dumbbells