30 Minutes to Fitness "Slim Sculpting"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Slim Sculpting” is geared toward improving your fitness level using only a kettle bell or a single dumbbell. It’s important to note that using a kettle bell really does amp up the workout!
Both workouts require great form and precise execution. There are no over-the-top positions and no over-stressing impact on the joints. All controlled moves selected are geared toward slimming down your hips and outer thighs, trimming your waistline, tightening your glutes, sculpting your arms and burning lots of calories!
But Remember: FORM IS CRUCIAL! Because the selection of exercises target each muscle group without over-taxing your body, these workouts fit in nicely with my philosophy that everyone should train smarter!
It’s important to note that although I do use traditional kettle bell (KB) moves, not all of the usual exercises are included. After leading numerous test classes in Olympic lifting and KBs, I have taken out a few standard moves that I determined to be too technical for many. Performing these moves incorrectly not only brings minimal benefits but can really increase the risk of injury.
So instead of focusing on moves like the cleans and snatches, I have focused on the swings.. because the swings are the keystone in KB training.
Make sure you check out the premixes on this DVD as they offer many different workout options!