30 Minutes to Fitness "Shape Up"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Shape Up” includes two, 30 minute Tabata*-style workouts designed to get you fit quick.
These workouts have a unique twist to the traditional Tabata* style workouts. Fitness professional, Kelly Coffey-Meyer, alternates traditional weight work with straight-forward cardio drills that are truly challenging. This updated format keeps it fresh and effective.
You can choose what results you want to achieve by merely selecting the appropriate weights. The dumbbell exercises can be used to increase muscle definition or to improve your overall strength. Heavy or light dumbbells…it’s your pick.
The cardio drills are what takes these workouts to the next level. Each challenging exercise is performed at 100% and will push you to your aerobic/anaerobic thresholds. The success of completing these tough blasts is achievable due to short work phases followed by brief recovery periods.
These interval workouts will re-shape your physique and burn mega calories as it conditions your body to work harder and more efficiently!
*Tabata: Eight rounds of the same exercise performed for 20 seconds followed by a ten second rest phase.