30-Minutes to Fitness Power Splits

“Power Splits” includes two strength workouts presented in a time-saver format and followed by a Finisher to enhance the overall effectiveness of the workouts.

Workout One is an upper body workout. “Upper Split” focuses on the five most commonly performed exercises for each muscle group to ensure proper form while building strength. This workout finishes with a 10 minute “Boxing Finisher” to trim your waistline and increase muscle definition.
Equipment used: a step (or bench), moderate to heavy Dbs and EggWeights (or 1-2lb dbs)

Workout Two is a lower body strength workout.  “Lower Split” focuses on the three most common dumbbell moves performed by avid gym-goers.  This lower body session is followed by a body-weight-only “Leg FInisher” to promote well-toned legs and glutes.
Equipment Used: moderate to heavy DBs.

Bonus Alert #1:  “Power Splits” includes Kelly’s signature premixes for added workout options.
Bonus Alert #2: “Power Splits” also inlcudes one of Kelly’s RAW home workouts from her Coffeyfit streaming APP on Vimeo.