30 Minutes to Fitness "Muscle Definition"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Muscle Definition” utilizes light weights, various moves and tempo changes to achieve stronger, leaner muscles.
While the 30 Minutes to Fitness ‘Weights’ workout helps to strengthen and build muscle, 30 Minutes to Fitness ‘Muscle Definition’ does just as the name implies: helps to sculpt and define your overall look.
This DVD has two 30-minute full-body workouts and numerous premixes: Shoulders/Arms, Back/Chest, Lower-Body Trimming, and individual muscle groups that you can add on to any workout.
For those who have time Kelly’s Extensive Full-Body Compilation is a ‘must-do’!
Recommended Equipment: Advanced: 8 & 12 lb dumbbells Intermediate: 7 & 10 lb dumbbells Beginner: 5 & 7 lb dumbbells