30 Minutes to Fitness "L.I.F.T."

30 Minutes to Fitness “L.I.F.T.” will have you Lifting In Full Throttle! This DVD includes two, very different full body workouts.
Workout One is Olympic Lifting. This explosive workout burns fat, increases cardiovascular output and works every muscle group in the quickest amount of time. It has also been proven that Olympic Lifting increases shoulder stability and core strength like no other workout!
With an in-depth tutorial and an instructional format, Kelly Coffey-Meyer brings the vast benefits of Olympic Lifting to your home! All you need is a weighted bar or dumbbells.
Workout Two is Powersculpt. This workout will have you sweating-it-out for 30 uninterrupted minutes. Using only dumbbells, Powersculpt simultaneously activates numerous muscle groups to burn fat, enhance muscle definition and improve your overall fitness level.
No jumping, no super heavy weights, just steady compound moves that target all areas… all the time!