30 Minutes to Fitness "Cardio Quick Fix"

30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Quick Fix” has two calorie-blasting workouts that are effective, fun, and easy-to-follow.
Workout One is an upbeat low impact workout filled with a variety of unique moves with an athletic twist. Kelly keeps you moving and grooving without any fuss or fancy footwork.
Workout Two is more intense. This fat-burning workout is comprised of straight-forward exercises that start low and graduate to a more challenging level. The selection of moves and the constantly changing intensities will keep the challenge going while maximizing the calorie-burning effect.
“Cardio Quick Fix” also includes additional premixes to keep it fun as well as an Abs/Hips/Glutes bonus to lean out the usual troublesome areas.
30-Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Quick Fix” burns mega calories in less time!