30 Minutes to Fitness "Cardio Blast"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Cardio Blast” has two totally different styles of cardio on one DVD.
Workout One is a step workout that can also be done without the step. It is comprised of athletic and strength moves with an upbeat and energetic feel. This calorie-burner also strengthens and tones your entire body.
Workout Two is all about plyometrics. This intense training technique will burn fat, increase strength, improve cardiovascular output, boost your metabolism, and re-shape your legs, glutes and hips. Because of its hi-impact nature, low-impact options are shown throughout for those who cannot perform hi-impact moves.
‘Cardio Blast’ stays true to the 30 Minutes to Fitness format and offers two premix options that are the ultimate test of fitness. Come on…dare yourself!
Equipment Needed: Step (Optional)