30 Minutes to Fitness ''Bootcamp"

30-MInutes to Fitness “Bootcamp” gives you two workouts…and more on one DVD! These 30-minutes workouts are designed to speed up your metabolism and blast away fat while sculpting underlying muscles to reveal a sleek physique! Do them on seperate days and get the most of your 30-minutes or combine them for a 60-minute total body assault!
30-Minutes to Fitness “Bootcamp” involves basic athletic drills and strength moves in two-minute intervals. The intensity and energy bring the fun to this bootcamp!
I have included 2 more workout options; a 30-minute strength premix and a 30-minute cardio premix.
But that’s not all, because I don’t usually offer in-dept stretch segments, I am slowing myself down to include a Bonus Stretch segment that is slow enough to encourage length and flexibility.
Equipment needed: dumbbells (The advanced exercisers in this DVD utilize 10lb dbs, 7lb dbs, and one 3lb db.)