30 Minutes to Fitness "Body Shop"

30 Minutes to Fitness “Body Shop” has two 30-minute full body workouts that burn calories as you sculpt, lengthen and re-shapes each muscle group.

With the use of dumbbells, I will take you through traditional exercises sprinkled with fresh and effective twists that increase the overall effectiveness of each move. Upper body muscle groups are superset with lower body exercise and then followed up with a compound move to further challenge all of the muscles worked. To give you a rest from holding the dumbbells I will take you through a couple of low intensity cardio drills that focus on lengthening and toning stubborn areas of the lower body.

These workouts will tone the larger muscles while strengthening the under-used minor muscle groups to create a long and lean appearance.

Time will fly by as you tune up your body in this “Body Shop” workout!