CoffeyFIT: Barre Workout

Barre is an exciting dance workout based on ballet movements. It’s, in fact, named after barre — a horizontal, waist-high handrail used by ballet dancers to stabilize themselves when rehearsing or doing warm-up exercises.

Barre workouts rely on movements inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates, and even Zumba to tone and sculpt the body. They consist of isometric exercises, where you flex and contract a specific set of muscles while holding the rest of your body steady.

Best Barre Workout Videos Online

Barre workout videos tend to vary in difficulty depending on their target audience. You’ll find low-impact workouts that can help with improving alignment, balance, and posture. There are also high-intensity videos that can really make you work up a good sweat. Our barre workout DVD offers the best of both worlds. We offer chill, slow-paced combinations, and intense, full-body workouts.

Our barre workout DVD will help you accomplish the following:

  •       Do ballet-based exercises without using an actual barre
  •       Balance and strengthen your body through low-impact sets
  •       Complete exercises that combine strength and flexibility training with low-impact cardio
  •       Work out your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and quads
  •       Sculpt your body into its best shape through targeted movements

Most of the workouts included on our barre workout DVD target specific muscle groups. If you’re looking to burn more calories and get your heart pumping, check out our low-impact cardio DVD too.

Do These Barre Workouts From The Comfort of Your Own Home

You’ll find plenty of barre workout videos that can help you exercise in the comfort of your own home. Some of the best online tutorials and classes are taught by certified teachers. Our barre workout DVD, in fact, was designed and performed by our certified and experienced crew members.

To make your barre workouts feel like you’re in a studio, consider purchasing equipment such as a yoga mat, a ballet bar, resistance bands, and some weights. However, even without this equipment, you can still perform our barre workout DVD exercises with a chair or a filled water bottle.

Why Incorporate Barre Workouts Into Your Routine?

Here are some of the benefits that you stand to gain when you incorporate exercise from our barre workout DVD into your routine:

  •       Improves posture
  •       Increases flexibility
  •       Improves endurance & strength

Barre workouts offer a wealth of benefits when combined with a healthy lifestyle. You can find so many tutorial videos online to get you started on this journey. Our barre workout DVD also offers premium content to challenge your endurance and gradually intensify your experience.